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Creating automation test cases is a repetitive task that requires a lot of editing and rerunning. In many automation tools, when the test case failed and the user makes certain changes to the script, the users usually has to execute the whole script all over again to make sure the test is executed as expected. To save users the trouble of having to run all unnecessary steps, Katalon Studio provides two ways so that users can start the test at their preferred steps.


Execute from selected step

Please note that you can only utilize this feature on existing Chrome browsers that are launched from Katalon Studio previously.


From the Manual view of the test case, you can right click on the preferred step and select option Execute from here.... to run the script from that specified step.


Enable/Disable steps

Katalon Studio also allows users to disable one or more test steps before executing the test case as shown in the screenshot below. Users can leverage this feature to skip unwanted steps when executing test cases.





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