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  • Environment Requirement

    • Web UI testing: Check this list for all supported browsers. 
    • Mobile testing: Please refer to the Installation Guide for more details.

  • Activate Katalon Studio

To start Katalon Studio, double-click on the katalon.exe (Microsoft Windows) or katalon (Mac) file in the directory where you unpack Katalon Studio. For example:


Once started, the application should display the splash screen similar to the following screenshot:

After launching Katalon Studio, provide your registered username and password to activate your Katalon Studio. The username and password are the same as the ones you created when registering and downloading Katalon Studio from

When your build is activated, the Quick Guide screen is displayed to guide you through all major features. You can skip this and view the Quick Guide later from the Help menu.

At the end of the introduction, Katalon Studio suggests to create a new project. Click OK for now:

  • Create Your First Project

Enter the name of your new project and the location to store the project data on your machine. Click OK.

A new project will be generated at the specified location.

  • Create Your First Test Case

After new project is created, you can create a new test case with few clicks by using Katalon Studio Record and Playback feature. 

               You can also create a new test case manually either in Manual Mode or Script Mode.

  • Execute Your First Test Case

Katalon Studio supports executing test automation in multiple environments, allowing testers to validate their tests across browsers/platforms. This tutorial will walk you through the steps.

  • View Test Execution

Once your test cases/test suites finish execution, you can review the results on the Log Viewer views. Katalon Studio has prepared this tutorial to show you how to navigate around.

  • Uninstall and Upgrade


    • Simply remove/delete Katalon Studio folder from your Operating Systems.


    • Katalon Studio allows users to run multiple versions independently. You can download and run new release version parallel with previous version.
    • To keep setting from previous version
      • Katalon Studio version 5.0 and later, refer to this guide  
      • Katalon Studio below version 5.0, copy Config folder and paste into Katalon Studio new version folder.



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