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Katalon Analytics integration must be enabled in order to submit test execution Reports to Katalon Analytics. In Katalon Studio, select Project > Setting > Integration > Katalon Analytics

Following the below steps to setup the integration properly

Enable Integration

Check 'Enable Integration' checkbox. All the fields will be visible for edit.


Enter Katalon Analytics credential which is Katalon Studio account. Click Connect.

Teams & Projects

Once Katalon Studio successfully connected to Katalon Analytics, all relevant Katalon Analytics Teams and Projects will be retrieved and displayed in Teams and Projects drop-down menu.

New Project


You can also create New Project for Katalon Analytics. Click New Project button. Create New Project dialog will be displayed. Provide New Project Name. Click Create.

Test Result

In Test Result, users can select preferred options for Katalon Studio execution Reports.


Automatically submit test run resultKatalon Studio will automatically upload Test Suite execution Reports to Katalon Analytics
Attach ScreenshotInclude execution Screenshots
Attach LogInclude execution Log

Click OK to complete. 



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