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Enable Kobiton Integration

  1. Open Kobiton integration settings from the main menu at Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Kobiton. Check on the Enable Kobiton Integration checkbox.

  2. Enter your Kobiton account into the Authentication form and click Connect. Katalon Studio will retrieve information for Kobiton integration automatically.


    Kobiton ServerThe Kobiton server to be integrated with Katalon Studio.
    API KeyThe token to be used by Katalon Studio when exchanging API messages with Kobiton server. You can generate more keys in Kobiton API Settings.
  3. Click OK when you are done with the settings.

Mobile testing with Kobiton devices

  1. In Kobiton, upload the your app to Kobiton App Repository. From the Repository view, select 'more actions' button and select the Automation snippet. Copy the app id (the one in bold, for example, Kobiton-store:184 as shown below) and save it.

    Kobiton App Repository


  2. In Katalon Studio, open your mobile test case and replace the input application path for the first step “Start Application” with the Kobiton app id saved in Step 1, e.g:

  3. From the main toolbar, select the option to run with Kobiton Device.

  4. Select the device to be executed from the list of Kobiton Favorite Devices. You can modify this list by updating your Favorites Devices in

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