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  1. Katalon Studio account
    (Create an account at:
  2. Katalon Studio Test Execution Report
  3. Java JRE installed (to manually upload reports)
    • How to set up Java environment guide

Katalon Analytics is a powerful web application that allow users to have comprehensive views of Katalon Studio test execution reports through metrics, visualization, and filters. Katalon Analytics is built with user-friendly in mind. Users can leverage the tool features to improve:  overall quality of test regime and application build. 


Logging in

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Enter KAT account to log on to Katalon Analytics tool
  3. Once logged in successfully, Katalon Analytics home page will display

Logging out

Click on the name of current logged on user on the upper right corner. Select Log out

Main Toolbar



List of teams. A user can be in multiple teams.

List of Katalon Analytics projects. A team can have multiple projects.

Link to Katalon Analytics Documentation.

Katalon Analytics Settings. Users can manage teams and projects here.

Users: Invite/add users to projects

Projects: Create and Edits Projects

Current logged on user.