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Since version 5.4, Katalon Studio provides Web Services Response in a separate window pane, which contains more details information of the Request as shown below



There are 3 new information provided in the response's section:

The status code of the response
The total time that starts from the request is sent until Katalon Studio receives the last byte of the response.
Size of the response package


The Response can be displayed in multiple ways

prettyResponse is displayed in a pretty format which is easier to read

rawResponse is displayed in the raw text without any format


Response will be displayed as visualized

(e.g. If a Response is from loading a specific webpage, it will be displayed as the screenshot below)

At the bottom of the Body section, different types of Response format can be selected as desired

  • JSON
  • XML
  • HTML
  • JavaScript


The response's header information is displayed in the Header tab



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