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List of quick tips and tricks from users on Forum and also from us.

You can share your own tips and tricks when working with Katalon Studio here and we will consolidate your posted one in this list.

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Page: Change CSS selector of an object at runtime Page: Clicking multiple objects without starting over Page: Connect to SQL using Windows Authentication Page: Create Global Variables on the fly Page: Creation of Test Object in Object Repository in Runtime Page: Execute Windows commands Page: Execute Xpath functions Page: Force stop execution Page: Get generated Reports location at runtime Page: Get SQL query results as variables Page: Handle file upload control on hidden input Page: How to use different browser versions Page: Import Custom Keywords classes recursively Page: Install Chrome extensions at runtime Page: Katalon with Winium for Desktop Applications Page: Manage Android's permission Page: Mark test's status for a Custom Keyword Page: Open Chrome with extensions Page: Optimizing Object Identification and Tools Page: Override desired capabilities at runtime Page: Retrieve chromedriver.log and firefoxdriver.log when you run Record/Spy Page: Retrieve mobile's session Page: Retrieve OS, browser and screen resolution of the machine perfoming tests Page: Schedule tests to execute Page: Set cookies for browsers Page: Start browsers in private mode Page: Swipe action on iOS device Page: Troubleshooting common issues related to interacting with an element Page: Type @ character on Internet Explorer Page: Update SQL query in a Test Data dynamically Page: Use additional desired capabilities for Kobiton devices Page: Using autoIT for authentication in Katalon Studio Page: Using Regex in Katalon Studio Page: Verify placeholder of a field Page: Write data into Excel file at runtime during test execution