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Below is a general guide on how to configure Katalon Studio on VSO with the assumptions that you guys know VSO terms such as agent, build, task......

1.     Setup agent:

Follow setup guide: to setup and run a local agent.

Make sure the agent is in ‘Online’ status. 

2.     Setup build steps:

Add new build task: “Command Line”:

  • · Tool: katalon.exe
  • · Arguments: Generated command line from Katalon Studio (WITHOUT katalon prefix) to be used in console mode (
    • o -projectPath value uses VSO build variable to get project location, e.g: -runMode=console -projectPath="$(Build.SourcesDirectory)\Sample Web Testing Project.prj" -reportFolder="Reports" -reportFileName="report" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest" -browserType="Chrome" -noSplash
  • · Advanced:
    • o Working folder: Select Katalon Studio folder, e.g: C:\4.6\Katalon Studio Windows 64

3.     Build your project with the agent:

Configure your project to be built with the agent. In my case, my agent is in ‘Default’ queue group, so I will choose ‘Default’ queue when selecting new build.


That's it!. When the project is built, it will start Katalon Studio and execute the input test suite based on your command.



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