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  • Use natural naming convention for objects
  • Remember last opened session 
  • Automatically focus on first field in Search popup

New built-in keywords

  • "verifyElementClickable"


  • [Console Mode] - Support the option to '-retryFailedTestCases=<true, false>' 

Object Spy

  • Improve 'Add Element to Object Repository' form 
  • Display relevant message when there is no searched result in 'HTML DOM' field

Test Case

  • Display javadoc when user select a keyword in combo box in manual mode
  • Empty description is removed automatically when users switch to 'Script' view
  • Improve performance on test case's editor


  • Abilities to edit/remove action during Recording
  • Abilities to edit/remove captured objects during Recording

qTest Integration

  • Add option to allow uploading test runs to latest approved test case's version of qTest


Fixed Bugs

  • [Test Suite] System didn't allow users to save modified test suite in case different test suite's types are saved in test project
  • [Test Project] Users can create new folder under 'Reports' section
  • [Log Viewer] System didn't display correct test step's status counts in case teardown method is used
  • [Console mode] Auto disable dialog shown in case execution's status is different with passed
  • [Test Case] Users can't drag and drop a test step to replace FIRST test step
  • [Test Case] Object's value is displayed as null when users select defined variable as an object
  • [Test Case] Users can't edit fields on 'Input' form in case number value is left as blank value
  • [Keyword] Correct 'Take Screen Shot' keyword's name
  • [Keyword] Add Javadoc for 'Verify Match' keyword on manual mode and keywords browser form
  • [Test Case] System display error message when a test step is drag and dropped into blank areas
  • [Test Suite] 'Variable Binding' settings is reset to default binding when a new variable is defined for current test case
  • [Test Execution] Can't start execution on Firefox if Firefox profile settings are used
  • [Test Case] 'Modify Object Property' javadoc's keyword can't be displayed using combo box in manual mode
  • [Test Project] System displayed error message when drag and drop root folder to its location
  • [Record/Playback] System can't generate test steps in case element's field is blank for validation/sync action
  • [Record/Playback] Error message is displayed when 'property' value's type is selected on action without element


Customer Requests

  • [CoreInformatics] Adjust qTest Integrate API to update to latest version
  • [Care Logistics] Investigate issue of crashed execution with lengthy suites


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