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  • The Default Browser for execution will be displayed with an indication
  • Have options to let users open the previous working session when opening Katalon
  • Automatically generate destination project's folder in case it's not existed yet when creating new Katalon Projects
  • Support loading .app file on Mobile Object Spy (for iOS platform)
  • Automatically focus into first field of some UI components:
    • In Global Variables, focus on Name field of Add/Edit Variable Dialogs
    • In Variable tab of Test Case editor, focus on Name field when adding new Variables 

Console mode

  • Allow users to generate command to run in console mode
  • Support the ability to auto send mail function parameters
  • Revamp argument processing for console mode: Console Mode Execution


  • [Infrastructure] Revamp execution engine
  • Change mechanism to support executing test script upon current active Chrome & Firefox browsers


  • Display 'Warning' filter in Katalon's generated report

Object Spy

  • [Mobile Object Spy] Support "Object Name" field in MOI

Test Case

  • Refactor getTestCaseBindingString method


  • [Record] Add tooltip for recorded actions

qTest Integration

  • [Console Mode] 'qTest' logs will not be displayed if the test project has no integration with qTest


Fixed Bugs

  • [Mobile] MOI gets "Not Response" when started without application file
  • [MOI] MOI got frozen when users select captured objects on the view
  • System can't execute test scripts if executed browser is Firefox 45.0.1
  • System can't record steps if recorded objects are refreshed
  • Error when 'Take Screenshot' keyword is used
  • [Test Suite] Can't execute test suite if selected platform's preferences value used machine's path
  • Correct default generated value to use proper value based on input's value type
  • Global Variable value is kept as original when users changed value in custom keyword script


Customer Requests

  • [Core Informatics] Change default values for 'Send attachment' settings & memory size of katalon.ini file
  • [Core Informatics] Improve performance on 'select Option By ' keyword without using regular expression
  • [Core Informatics] Create HTMLTableData based on TestData to support reading HTML content-based file
  • [Core Informatics] Add new 'Warning' filter level in 'Log Viewer' panel


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