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Selenium 2.53.0 is not compatible with Firefox 47+ (more info here and here ). This release adds Marionette driver to Katalon to fix issues when using Firefox 47+ and Selenium 2.53.0 for execution. However, we suggest Firefox 45 or 46 for stable execution.



  • Add settings to enable/disable 'Screen Capture' when executed steps failed. You can access this settings at Project > Settings > Report

  • Display 'Splash Screen' and 'Loading Progress Bar' when starting Katalon

Data Files

  • Support 'Database Data' as a new test data type. You can set default database settings through Project > Settings > Database

New mobile keywords

No.Keyword's nameDescription
1Tap And HoldTap and hold on a mobile element for a duration
2Check ElementCheck a check-box mobile element (android.widget.checkbox for Android, UIASwitch for iOS)
3Uncheck ElementUnheck a check-box mobile element (android.widget.checkbox for Android, UIASwitch for iOS)
4Hide KeyboardHide a keyboard if it is showing
5Verify Element CheckedVerify if a mobile element is checked
6Verify Element Not CheckedVerify of a mobile element is not checked
7Drag and DropDrag and drop an element into another element



  • Record and Object Spy now can be used on current opened Chrome browsers. Users need to install Katalon's Record and Object Spy extension on Chrome first in order to utilize this feature.


  • Improve UX by relocating 'Device View' window to be next to 'Mobile Object Inspector' window (instead of displaying one on top of the other in previous versions)

Test Case

  • Hide FailureHandling value when users add new test step using built-in keyword. You can configure it through Project > Settings > Test Case > Default FailureHandling for Test Step

Test Suite

  • Support the ability to execute multiple test suites using 'Test Suites Collection'


Execution on IE will now generate IEDriverServer logs

Fixed Bugs

  • KAT-845 Fix bug with using statement without surrounding code with brackets in Script Mode

  • KAT-870 Tests Explorer tree is not expanded after reopening Katalon with a saved session

  • KAT-874 Keyword's description is not displayed when hovered on in Keyword Browser

  • KAT-877 [Mobile Keyword] Application is closed unexpectedly when user runs Mobile keyword (Start Application, Set Text...

  • KAT-912 'Number' option is not shown for 'Object' param type in Input form

  • KAT-918 [Generate Command] Lack of "reportFolder" option when user saves report in default folder and don't use relative path

  • KAT-920 [Command Line] Cannot execute test suite when user indicates a different report folder using absolute path to the project

  • KAT-926 Can't get specific attribute's value using 'getAttribute' keyword

  • KAT-949 'Device Name' settings is not stored after changed on 'Project Settings' form

  • KAT-915 Remove redundant tooltips in 'Global Variable' view and 'Test Case' Manual view

  • KAT-847 Generated scripts from recording sessions will automatically import all default packages in Script mode


Customer Requests

 [CoreInformatics] Fix issue with executing test scripts using enum in console mode




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