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  • Fix an issue where desired capabilities are not working on Chrome.
  • Fix 'NullPointerException' error from mobile execution.
  • Fix an issue where 'Execute from here...' feature is disabled.
  • Fix an issue where 'Workbench auto-save job' message is displayed when users leave Katalon Studio in an idle state for a while.
  • Support Appium 1.7. Due to this change, 'Swipe' keyword has been adjusted:

    BehaviorSwipe from (startx, startY) position to extract (endX,endY) position. Swipe from (startX, startY) position to relative position of (startX, endY) position.
    ExampleSwipe from (100,200) position to (200,300) position Swipe from (100,200) position to (200,300) position => (endX,endY) position in this case will be (startX + 100, endX + 100)
    ScriptMobile.swipe(100, 200, 200, 300)Mobile.swipe(100, 200, 100, 100)

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