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Katalon Studio version 5.4 has finally arrived! With dozens of incredible new features and improvements added. Here are the details:

Enhance API Testing

Introducing all-new UI and features to support API Testing. Katalon Studio provides more capabilities including Query Parameters for REST request URL, support various HTTP Body message types, support common information for HTTP Header, display more details in Response such as Status, Elapsed time, and package Size, and more. 

Test Design 

Sensitive Text Encryption

Text Encryption feature is introduced in Katalon Studio v5.4 to support built-in "setEncryptedText" keyword. Allowing the user to encrypt and set any sensitive text right in the test case. Thus, the project team can collaborate and share test artifacts with other team members and stakeholder without any security concerns.

Test Execution

Execution Profile

Test execution just got better in Katalon Studio v5.4! Automation test can be executed with multiple profiles which contained different sets of data to met the complex and constantly changing requirements (e.g. development, staging, or production environment) of the project.


Samples for Custom Keywords

Adding the options to generate sample template when users create new custom keywords.


New built-in keyword to support set encrypted sensitive text in the test case.


The auto-update feature is included since Katalon Studio V5.4. With the auto-update feature, Katalon Studio can automatically keep the user up to date with the latest updates and enhancements. Katalon Studio will deliver the newest version directly while letting users continue to work uninterrupted. Users have the options of Download Now, Remind Me Later, or Ignore This Update


  • Captured images in execution reports can be viewed in "Fit to view" or "Full-size".

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