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  • 'Concatenate keyword doesn't display keyword description. Please read its description from keyword page instead.
  •  'Click Offset', 'Right Click Offset' and 'Mouse Over Offset' keywords do not work on Safari.
  • Android EditText message can't be captured using Mobile Object Spy.
  • Tests Explorer is disposed randomly and you can't interact with it. Select Window → Reset Perspective item to show Tests Explorer back
  • Katalon Studio menus are disabled on macOS High Sierra: This is a known issue of Eclipse (Katalon Studio based), so please try below steps:
    • Right click on Katalon
    • Select Show Package Contents 
    • Open Contents folder 
    • Open Info.plist file 
      • If opened with XCode, remove the entry for ‘Localizations’ 
      • If open with a Text Editor, remove the complete entry for ‘CFBundleLocalizations’      
    • Save the Info.plist file
    • Launch Katalon
  • Does not support Safari on both Windows and MacOS yet when using 'Execute test from specific step'
  • Katalon Studio Console mode cannot display Unicode characters due to Windows CMD doesn't support UTF-8 encoding