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Uploading Katalon Studio test execution reports to Katalon Analytics does not require much technical skills. There are several ways to achieve this.

  • If you are new to Katalon Studio, we recommend to enable Katalon Analytics integration and check Automatically submit test run in Project Settings for any future test execution.
  • If you have been using Katalon Studio and would like to take advantage of Katalon Analytics
    • For uploading single reports, please refer to manual upload section.
    • For uploading mass reports, please use Windows Command Line section. 
  • For uploading from Command Line
    • Download Katalon Studio Reports Uploader here
    • Java JRE installed (How to set up Java environment guide)

From Katalon Studio


In Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings > Integration > Katalon Analytics. Before proceeding, fill in your email and password that you've used to activate Katalon Studio. Click Connect and you will be able to select Team and Project to upload your report.

Checked 'Automatically submit test run result' option. Katalon Studio will automatically upload Test Suite execution Reports to Katalon Analytics Users can also select options for preferred attachment:


To manually submit Katalon Studio test suite execution reports, navigate to Reports section in Test Explorers. Select report to view.

In Test Report detail views ,click Katalon Analytics button > Upload.


Once successfully uploaded to Katalon Analytics, you can double check on Katalon Analytics web app to make sure the report has been uploaded

From Command Line


For Mac OS users, please change the path of of Katalon Reports folder when using the syntax in Terminal

  1. Download Katalon Studio Reports Uploader here.
  2. In Katalon Analytics, navigate to Settings > Projects. Provide a name for the new project. Click Create. Once a project is created, Katalon Analytics will generate a Project ID. You will need this ID to upload Katalon Studio execution report later.

  3. In Katalon Studio. Navigate to Test Explorers, select Report folder. Right-click > Open Containing Folder. Get the path of your Katalon Report folders.
    i.e: C:\Users\abc\Katalon Studio\Web Sample\Reports
  4. Start Command Prompt, use the below syntax to upload Katalon Report to Katalon Analytics
Code Block
java -jar katalon-report-uploader-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar --kit.server.api= --projectId=1 --path="d:\katalon-reports" --password=admin



Jar file path can be absolute path or relative path


After creating a project on Katalon Analytics, an ID will be generated for that project.

path=” “

Local path of Katalon Studio Reports folder that you located from step 1

email and password

Katalon Analytics credentials



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