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Enhanced Spy Web Utility is more compact and more intelligent for capturing objects. Object properties and locating method can be specified by users. Built-in Verify and Highlight feature provide users the assurance that Katalon Studio can locate the objects. Spy Web Utility window can be pinned or unpinned for users convenience while spying.

The guide bellow will show step by step using Spy Web Utility.

Capture objects using Web Object Spy

  1. Click on Spy Web from the main toolbar.

  2. The Object Spy dialog will be displayed.

  3. Click on Start to begin capturing objects from the web browser.

    New BrowsersLaunch a new browser and start spying web objects from that browser.
    Active Browsers

    Focus on the current active Chrome browser and start spying web objects from it.

    Supported browsers:
    - Chrome
    - Firefox (coming soon)

    You will be asked for installation of Katalon Utility:

    Refer to Katalon Addon for Chrome for more details.

  4. Your selected browser will be launched. Navigate to your website, then hover the mouse cursor over the web object to be captured.
    The web object will be highlighted with a red border. An overlay pane will also be displayed at the edge of the screen to show relevant xpath info.

  5. Press the combination of <Alt + back quote> keys on the keyboard to capture object. The object will be highlighted in the green border

  6. Captured objects will appear in the Object Spy dialog.

    Select the object in the Captured Objects tree, its details will be displayed in the Object Properties section.

    Selection Method

    The method which Katalon Studio will be using to detect web elements

    BasicDefault method. Katalon Studio automatically generate an XPath combine with objects' properties
    XPath or CSSAdvanced method. Users are allowed to input XPath or CSS selector manually into Object Detect Editor
    Properties GridAll the captured properties of the selected object. You can edit the value of any property.
    Selector Editor

    Display object locator based on selected method

    BasicKatalon Studio generated XPath will be displayed
    XPath or CSSEditable text field allows users to manually input object's locator
  7. Click on Save to Add to Object Repository.

  8. Check on those captured objects in the left pane that you would like to save into Katalon Studio. 
    The structure of your Object Repository is displayed on the right pane. Select the folder to add the captured objects into. Click OK when done.

  9. The captured objects will be added to Object Repository accordingly.


Define additional objects manually

  1. Add a Page element: Web objects need a web page to hold it. Click on New page from toolbar to add a new Page element manually.

    The name of the manually added Page element is generated automatically by Katalon Studio.

  2. Add a Frame element: If new object is a nested object, a frame is needed to locate the element. Frames are web elements that usually contain many other web objects. Click on New frame from toolbar to manually add a new Frame element.

    The name of the newly added Frame element is generated automatically by Katalon Studio. 

  3. Add an Object element: Click on the New object from the toolbar to manually add a web object.

    The name of the newly added Object element is generated automatically by Katalon Studio.

  4. Click Delete to remove any element. 

  5. In Object Properties section, provide Object Name, choose Selection Method options and specify properties for the New object

  6. Click Verify and Highlight to make sure the object can be located by Katalon Studio. 
    If there is a web object with matched Selector Editor value, it will be highlighted red in opened browser and message "Found X element using XPath Selector" will be displayed.  

  7. Once finished, click Save to add object to Object Repository as normal.

How to get web objects XPath or CSS Locator

  1. In active opened spying browser, Right click on target web element. Select Inspect

  2. An element inspector window will be displayed on the right with highlighted line which indicates the location of the target element in the HTML DOM. Right click on the hightlighted line > Select Copy > Choose Copy XPath or Copy Selector

  3. Navigate back to Object Spy window and paste into Xpath Selector Editor

  4. Click Verify and Hightlight button to check if Katalon Studio can locate the object

  5. Once finished, click Save to add object to Object Repository as normal.


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