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Katalon Studio is a simple and powerful automation solution built for testers everywhere. Katalon Studio revolutionizes the use of open-source test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium by eliminating their technical complexities to allow testers to efficiently setup, create, run, report and manage their automated tests. It also offers a viable alternative to commercial test automation solutions that are unaffordable to many small and medium-sized teams. 

Katalon Studio

Getting StartedA quick guide to introduce users to all basic functions within Katalon Studio
TutorialsA list of our useful guide to help you familiar with Katalon Studio features
User GuideAll documentation for Katalon Studio users which cover from Installation to create automation test and execution
Built-in KeywordsA comprehensive list of all built-in keywords for reference
Katalon RepositoryA Github repository of all hosted Katalon sample projects
Known Issues / LimitationsList of all current issues in Katalon Studio
Tips and TricksCollection of quick tips and tricks to solve a specific problem from Community
API DocumentationList of all current Katalon Studio APIs and its details information

Other Products

Katalon AnalyticsA cloud-based application provides in-depth views of test execution reports through powerful visualization including charts, graphs, and metrics.
Katalon RecorderSelenium IDE-compatible replacement on latest Chrome and Firefox that helps record, play, debug, manage automated tests, and export to C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Groovy, or Robot Framework.


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