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Capture objects using Mobile Object Spy

Before capturing test objects on the mobile application, make sure that you have successfully configured the environment for mobile testing. Refer to Installation and Setup for more details.

  1. Connect the mobile device to your PC.

  2. Click on the Mobile Object Spy button from the main toolbar.

  3. The Mobile Object Spy dialog is displayed. Specify the settings of your mobile testing in Configurations section. 


    Device NameThe smartphone to capture objects from. All of your connected devices should be displayed in this list.
    Application TypeCurrently, Katalon Studio only support native mobile applications.
    Application FileThe absolute path to your mobile application file (.apk file for Android or .ipa file for iOS).

    Click Start when you're done with the settings.


  4. The specified mobile application will be deployed and opened on the real device. 

  5. The Device View dialog is displayed to show the current screenshot of your real device. 
    All the mobile objects from that screenshot are analyzed and organized in a hierarchical view which could be found at All Objects section of the Mobile Object Spy dialog.
    Click on any object from the hierarchical view and it is highlighted in Device View accordingly.

  6.  Select any objects from the hierarchical view and click Add to Object Repository to save them to Katalon Studio.

  7. The Folder Browser dialog is prompted to decide where to save the captured objects. Select your preferred location then click OK.

  8. The captured objects will be added to Object Repository accordingly.

  9. You can continue with the current mobile screen or navigate to other interfaces as needed. To reload the Device View as well as the details in Mobile Object Spy, simply click on the Capture Object button.

  10. Close the Mobile Object Spy dialog when you're done with capturing objects.


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