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  • Auto detect JRE library based on JAVA_HOME on MAC
  • Add 'Cancel' button to cancel delete action on references form
  • [Settings] Add option to allow users open test case's editor on script mode or manual mode by default
  • [Settings] Config option for wrapping text in Manual Mode
  • Display details warning messages with word wrapping format


  • Refactor mobility code
  • Fix 'openNotifications' and 'closeNotifications' keyword to work on specific MAC environment

Test Case

  • Automatically allow editing the Keyword cell after adding new keyword
  • Improve code base for Test Case manual Mode
  • 'Call test case' keyword can now return called test case as an object
  • Edit cell value using Single Click instead of Double Click
  • [Script View] Context Menu to apply Text Wrapping


Fixed Bugs

  • [Log Viewer] Test Case's status is marked as PASSED in case of using setUp/tearDown method and import wrong library
  • [Test Case] 'Call Test Case' allow users to call current test case from object's form
  • Test case's manual grid disappeared when users call the current test case
  • Can't save edited Excel file in case Katalon's tab using it is active
  • [Log Viewer] Execution logs can't be displayed when users view logs from another job
  • Failed to select iOS .ipa file


Customer Requests

  • [CoreInformatics][Test Case]  - Javadoc displayed wrong function in case custom keywords contained params with default values
  • [Core Informatics] Support the ability to update browser's preferences directly in test script


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