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Create an Organization and Project

To use Katalon Platform, you need to set up an Account to manage Katalon subscription, and an Organization to manage your Katalon Teams and Projects.

By default, TestOps creates an Account, an Organization, and a Project when you first sign up.

This document shows you how to manually create an Organization and Project in Katalon Platform.

Create an Organization

You need a Katalon account. Register for a Katalon account if you don't have one.

By creating an Organization, team members can collaborate across several projects instantly.

You can also join any other Organization you are invited to.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps.
    The TestOps Homepage appears with the current Organization.
  2. Click on the dropdown button on the top left and select Create new Organization.
    testops homepage
  3. In the welcome page, enter the name for your new Organization.
  4. Click Create.

Create a new project on Katalon TestOps

This section shows you how to create a new project on Katalon TestOps.

  • You are the Admin or Owner of an Organization.

To create a new project on Katalon TestOps, do as follows:
  1. Go to TestOps > Settings > Project Management.
    project management
    The Project dashboard appears.
  2. Click on Create Project.
    project dashboard
  3. Choose your team, then click Next.
    The Manage Projects page appears.
  4. Enter your project name, then click Create.
You have successfully created a new project on Katalon TestOps.

Manage an Organization

To manage your Organization, click on the Settings icon and choose Organization Management.

The Organization profile page appears as below.

TestOps - Organization Management

You can find your Organization ID, update Organization name or delete your Organization here.

Rename an Organization

After the Organization profile page appears, you can enter a new name for your Organization in the Name section, then click Update to save your changes.

  • This function is only accessible to the Owner and Admin of an Organization.

Delete an Organization

After the Organization profile screen appears, click on the I understand the consequences, delete this organization button.

A pop-up displays for confirmation. Enter the Organization name to validate. Click I understand the consequences, delete this organization.

  • You cannot undo this action. This action will permanently delete your Organization, Projects, licenses and remove all associated teams.

Transfer an Organization

See: Transfer Ownership.