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Grant Katalon Licenses

In this guide, you will learn to assign Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) licenses to Users in your Organization.

Grant a license

  • An internet connection for you and the users you will grant the license to.

  • You must be the Owner or Admin of your Organization.

  • You have already added team members to your Organization. See: User Management.

Follow these steps to grant KSE/KRE licenses:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps, select your Organization, then go to Settings > License Management.

    The License Management page appears as below.

    license management page

  2. Choose between KSE (per-User) and KRE (Floating).


    See Types of Licenses to understand the KSE per-User license and the KRE floating license.

  3. In the Licensed Users section, click Assign License .

    The Assign License page appears as below.

    assign license page

  4. Enter the user's email address you want to assign the license to.

    • You can assign the license to multiple users.
  5. Click Assign License to confirm.

    You have granted the KSE/KRE licenses to your users.

  • For KSE per-User licenses, the number of assigned users cannot exceed the license quota.
  • For KRE floating licenses, there is no limit on the number of assigned users. However, to optimize license usage and avoid session termination, the Owner and Admin must remember the following rules:

    • Each session accounts for one license.
    • The number of parallel sessions cannot exceed the license quota.
    • Users need API Keys to activate a KRE license.

Your users can now activate their KSE and KRE licenses. You can refer them to this link for activation: Activate Katalon License.

Granting a license this way allows you to transfer a license freely among registered users of an Organization as long as the number of licensed users does not exceed the license quota.

You can remove these licenses and reattribute them any time by following this guide: Transfer a license.