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Enable/Disable Strict Domain

  • If you enable the Strict Domain, members of your Organization only have access to some specific domains configured by you in Katalon TestOps.
  • If you disable the Strict Domain, members of your Organization have full access to Katalon TestOps.
  • You must be an Owner or Admin of an Organization.

Enable the Strict Domain


Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps.

  2. Go to Settings > Organization Management.

  3. Select Settings on the left bar, then scroll down to the Danger zone section.

    danger zone strict domain section

  4. Click Enable strict domain.

    The Enable strict domain box pops up.

    enable strict domain popup

  5. Click I understand the consequences, enable strict domain to confirm.

Disable the Strict Domain

If you have enabled the Strict Domain before, you have an option to disable it by following the same steps.