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IP Address Restrictions

In Katalon TestOps, you can create an IP whitelist to protect your Organization's data from any unauthorized access.

  • You need to subscribe to Katalon Platform Ultimate plan. See: Katalon Platform Plans.

  • You must be the Owner or Admin of an Organization.

Configure IP Address Restrictions

You can whitelist IP addresses individually or by range to grant access to your system. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps.

  2. Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner and select Organization Management.

  3. Select Settings on the left bar, then scroll down to the IP Address Restrictions section.

    ip address restrictions section

  4. Enter the valid IP addresses or IP address ranges you wish to whitelist.

  5. Click Update.

After configuring IP Address Restrictions, only IP addresses you have entered have access to your system (the whitelist).