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Payment Method

As an Organization Owner or Billing Manager, you can update your billing settings, including payment method, billing information, and billing email recipients at any time.

To update payment method and billing information, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Katalon TestOps.
  2. Select your Organization. Go to Settings > Payment Method.

  3. The Payment Method page appears.

Edit credit card information

In Katalon TestOps, only credit cards are supported, and you can only save one card in each organization.

If you wish to replace a pre-existing credit card, go to the Payment Method section, then click Update.

update payment

Enter your new credit card information, then click Add new card. The old credit card information is replaced with the new card. This information cannot be retrieved.

This card is now the default for all billing purposes, including subscription renewals.

Delete an existing credit card

  • You cannot undo this action. Once you delete the card, it is permanently removed from your organization.

To delete an existing credit card, in the Payment Method section, click Delete and confirm your action.

Update billing information

In the Billing Information section, you can add cc emails and update information related to your invoices, such as VAT/GSC ID, Full Business Name, and Address.

Katalon sends invoices and other billing-related communication to the Organization Owners and Billing Managers by default. Cc emails are particularly helpful for an enterprise where the person in charge of billing does not need to be involved in your Katalon Organization.

To update your billing information, in the Billing Information section, click Update and enter the billing information. Email addresses are separated by commas. When you are done, click Save billing information.