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Comparison between Katalon Platform On-Premises and Katalon Platform

Katalon Platform On-Premises provides the complete Katalon platform experience for enterprise customers within closed, secure and isolated work environments. Katalon Platform On-Premises doesn't support some platform features that are not applicable to enterprise users or require connection to the world wide web.

Table 1. Features comparison between Katalon Platform On-Premises and Katalon Platform
FeaturesKatalon PlatformKatalon Platform On-Premises
TestOpsSimilar Errors Feature (Test Results)YesNo
Product Tour GuideYesNo
Sample projects & script repositoriesYesNo
TestCloudTestCloud integrationYesNo
TestCloud TunnelsYesNo
Mobile Applications RepositoryYesNo
Mobile testingYesNo
Visual TestingText ComparisonYesNo
Pixel ComparisonYes Yes
Layout ComparisonYesYes
AdministrationHosted Licensing ServerNo Yes
Single tenantNo Yes
Multiple tenantYesNo
Multiple Organization and AccountYesNo (users are tied to only one Organization and one Account)
Payment & Subscription ManagementYesNo