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Katalon Platform On-Premises

Katalon Platform On-Premises offers enterprise customers control, security, compliance, cost-effectiveness, all come with the high performance offerings of Katalon Platform features. Customers have complete control over their testing environment, ensuring their data is secure and compliant, and can leverage their existing infrastructure for cost savings and better performance. It is an ideal solution for organizations with strict security requirements and privacy policies that require complete control and flexibility over their testing environments.

This article introduces the concept and offerings of Katalon Platform On-Premises.

What is Katalon Platform On-Premises

Katalon Platform On-Premises is designed for enterprise customers with strict security requirements and privacy policies.

With Katalon Platform On-Premises, customers can manage users and projects through an administration module, enabling test case management, scheduling test execution, and visual testing of projects in a secure, isolated environment. This package provides a complete end-to-end testing experience, similar to the current Katalon Platform SaaS offering, but behind a firewall.

Katalon Platform On-Premises offers you:
  • Control and Flexibility: With the On-Premises package, you have complete control and flexibility over your testing environment. You can employ useful TestOps features, deployed within your system completely on premises.
  • Security: Katalon Platform On-Premises provides a closed, secure, and isolated work environment, ensuring that your data and privacy policies are strictly protected.

  • Compliance: The On-Premises deployment allows you to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. They can ensure your data remains on-premises and meets the compliance standards.

Being behind the firewall, Katalon Platform On-Premises doesn't support some features of Katalon Platform that require connection to the world wide web, such as TestCloud, Text Comparison in Visual Testing, Similar Errors suggestion in Test Reports, creating multiple Organizations within Administration module.

Katalon Platform On-Premises deployment guideline

You can find the guideline to deploy Katalon Platform On-Premises in Katalon On-Premises deployment guide.