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Katalon Platform On-Premises use cases

Katalon Platform On-Premises provides a combination of the abilities to orchestrate software testing cycles along with strict security compliance. In this article, we will explore the various use cases of the Katalon Platform On-Premises and how it can help teams achieve their automation testing goals.

End-to-end software testing cycle for on-premises environment

Katalon Platform On-Premises (OP) delivers a comprehensive testing cycle solution, from test planning, test execution, to test reports and analytics, all in an on-premises environment.

Test planning

You can create releases and builds for your testing project on Katalon Platform OP, as well as sync up Jira releases:

Test creation and organization

You can manage your test scripts by uploading them from your Git repository.

Test execution

Katalon Platform OP supports executing your test cases by setting up a local test environment.

Test result reports and analytics

Katalon Platform OP provides reports and analytics that can be leveraged for extracting test performance insights from comprehensive test runs records data.