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Visual Testing Feature Comparison

Visual Testing is an add-on to your Katalon Platform plan that helps you prevent any visual issues your software or application might have.


Katalon Platform currently offers two Visual Testing packages:
  • Visual Testing Standard (VTS) package.
  • Visual Testing Professional (VTP) package.

The table below compares the differences between VTS and VTP:

Visual Testing StandardVisual Testing Professional
  • Standard Visual Test Run Reports

  • Schedule Test Runs with baseline collections

  • Specify ignored zones

  • Pixel-based comparison

  • All Standard's features, plus:

  • Layout-based comparison

  • Content-based comparison

  • Adjust the pixel sensitivity

  • Upload image(s) to a baseline collection

  • Create a baseline collection

  • Select Pixel-based or Layout-based default comparison method

Checkpoint quota
  • 1,000 images/month
  • 20,000+ images/month


The table below shows the add-on Visual Testing package that comes with each Katalon Platform plan:
PackageVisual Testing StandardVisual Testing StandardVisual Testing Professional with 5,000 checkpoint images per month

Premium and Ultimate users can also register a 30-day full trial of VTP. The free trial allows you to use all VTP features with a quota of 20,000 checkpoint images per month. You can only register for the VTP trial once. After the trial expires, you can subscribe to continue using VTP. See: Subscribe to Visual Testing.

For more details about pricing for each plan, you can refer to the Katalon website: Katalon pricing.