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Set up an On-Premises License Server

  • Only applicable to users with an On-Premises package.
  • On-Premises package only supports Windows and Linux OS.
  • For existing On-Premises users, contact our Sales team at for data migration.

The Katalon On-Premises License Server allows installation at the client's network location.

The License Server allows you to activate Katalon Studio offline.

To acquire the Katalon On-Premises License Server, contact our Sales team at


The following features are available for users of a Katalon Studio On-Premises License Server:

  • Private installation and setup (within your internal network).
  • User and organization management.
  • License management.
  • Katalon Studio subscription.

System requirements

Operating SystemWindows, Linux (Ubuntu based)
CPUMinimum 4

Minimum 8 GB

Hard DriveAt least 40 GB available hard disk space.

Set up Docker

docker resources

  • Running Docker Desktop inside a VMware ESXi or Azure VM is supported for Docker Business customers. It requires enabling nested virtualization on the hypervisor first. For more information, see Docker document: Running Docker Desktop in a VM or VDI environment.

Install and setup an On-Premises License Server (for Windows)

  • You must download PostgreSQL database version 10 onwards.
  • Katalon Studio version 7.2.2 onwards (for Katalon Studio Enterprise).
  • Katalon License Server installer and a license file for activation. To acquire them, contact our Sales team at

Install and create a PostgreSQL database

PostgreSQL database is where you manage all data including organizations, teams, and user accounts used in the server.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download PostgreSQL database.
  2. Run the PostgreSQL installation and follow the PostgreSQL setup instructions.

    • Create a password for the database superuser (postgres).

      prosgres password

    • Select the port number the server should listen on.

      prosgres port

  3. After installation, open PgAdmin on your browser.

  4. Sign in with the superuser's password.

    pgadmin page

  5. Create a database named kit.

    kit database

  6. Create a database named k1.

  7. Add the following entry to the pg_hba.conf file:

    #IPv4 local connections:
    host all all md5
    #IPv6 local connections:
    host all all ::1/128 md5
    #Allow replication connections from localhost, by a user with the replication privilege
    host all all md5
    host all all ::/0 md5

  • You can use the default PostgreSQL superuser or create another login role with the superuser's privileges.

Install and set up the Katalon License Server

  • Contact our Sales team at for the On-Premises package and license file.
  • Destination directory: the location where the License Server is installed in your machine.
  • TCP ports: the HTTP connector and control ports which the License Server runs on. We recommend you use the default ports (unless you're running another application on the same port).
  • Database URL: the JDBC URL for your database.
  • Server URL: the address for the License Server's site (e.g., http://localhost:8080).
  1. Extract the .zip package file.

    Unzip the license server package. Open a terminal emulator (command line), go to the unzipped folder. The folder contains the Docker image of the license server images.tar.gz, an .env file, and a docker-compose.yml file.

  2. Reconfigure the .env file.

    The .env file should be like below:

    # version of license server
    # port using, can access at {LICENSE_SERVER_URL}:{LICENSE_SERVER_PORT}
    # database host
    # database port
    # database username
    # database password
    # license server url, for example:
    # testops server url (for TestOps)

  3. Run command to load the Docker image and start the application.

    Command to load the Docker image:

    docker load -i images.tar.gz

    Command to start the application:

    docker-compose up -d
  4. Activate the license.

    Access {LICENSE_SERVER_URL}:{LICENSE_SERVER_PORT} on the browser, for example: The first time accessing the admin server, we need to activate the license:

    TestOps - activate OP License server
  5. Create root user account and login: TestOps - Create account & login

  6. Create an organization: TestOps - create organization

  7. Access the admin homepage on the browser, for example, if your LICENSE_SERVER_URL is and LICENSE_SERVER_PORT is 10000, enter the URL:

Activate Katalon Studio offline

  • You have downloaded Katalon Studio.

You need to activate the License Server in the Katalon Studio Activation dialog.

  1. Open the Katalon Studio Activation dialog in Katalon Studio.
  2. Fill in the required information.

    • In the Server URL section, enter the address of your License Server's site that you have configured.
    • In the Email and Password sections, enter the account you have registered with the Katalon On-Premises License Server.
  3. Click Activate to connect with your License Server and retrieve your organizations.
  4. Select an Organization you want to work on, then click OK.

Activate Katalon Runtime Engine

  • You have downloaded Katalon Runtime Engine.

To activate your Katalon Runtime Engine license with a License Server, do as follows:

  1. Navigate to where the Katalon Runtime Engine application is located. Right-click on the application and choose Show Package Contents.

    Go to Contents > Eclipse > jre > katalonc.ini.

  2. In the katalonc.ini file, add this parameter: -DtestOps.serverUrl=<license server URL>

    You only need to add this parameter once, then your Katalon Runtime Engine license is activated.