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Open a test project in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition

  • Katalon Studio - Platform Edition version 8.5.0 onwards.

  • You already belonged to an Organization on Katalon Platform. See Create Organization and Projects.

  • You already created a project with Git integration on Katalon TestOps. See Create a project

and Upload test scripts from the Git repository to Katalon TestOps.
To open a project in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition, do as follows:
  1. From the main menu, select File > Open Project.
    The Open Project dialog appears.
  2. In the displayed Open Project dialog, select the project you want to open from the dropdown list. Katalon Studio retrieves all linked repositories of that project from the TestOps Serve URL.
    If you cannot find your project, you can click on Fetch Project to update the latest list of active projects. An active project is a project on Katalon TestOps with linked Git repositories. See Upload test scripts from the Git repository to Katalon TestOps.
  3. To clone your Git repository to Katalon Studio, select your Git repository URL from the dropdown list.
  4. Input your Git Username and Personal Access Token. Granting the Write permission for this token is recommended to work with Katalon Studio. See GitHub document: Repository roles for an organization.
    You can select the option to Save authentication for the next time you open this project.
    To learn how to create a Git Personal Access Token, you can refer to these documents:
  5. Choose your branch to work on.
  6. Select a Local Location to clone your project to your local machine.
  7. Click OK.
You've successfully opened a project in Katalon Studio.