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Import RESTful from Postman to Katalon Studio

To import test requests from Postman, perform the following steps:

  1. Export your Postman collection to JSON. See the instruction here.

  2. In Katalon Studio, with an API/Web Service project, click on the Postman icon.

    api or web service project type

    Alternately, from Katalon Studio 8.3.0 onwards, you can import test requests via:

    • The Action button in the top menu bar:

      • In the top menu bar, click Action > API/Web Service > Import Postman.

        action button

    • The Tests Explorer panel:

      • In Tests Explorer, right-click on Object Repository > Import > From Postman.

        action button

  3. In the dialog that displays, browse to your exported Postman local file and click OK.

    browse to local file

    The corresponding test requests will be imported to Katalon Studio.

    imported test requests