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[Cucumber] Run Feature Folder

  • Description: Execute multiple feature files stored in the same features folder.
  • Keyword name: runFeatureFolder
  • Keyword syntax: runFeatureFolder(folderRelativePath, flowControl)
  • Parameters:
    • Name: folderRelativePath
    • Description: the folder relative path that starts from the current project location.
    • Parameter Type: String
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: flowControl
    • Description: an instance com.kms.katalon.core.model.FailureHandling that controls the running flow.
    • Parameter Type: FailureHandling
    • Mandatory: Optional
  • Returns: an instance of CucumberRunnerResult that includes the status of keyword and report folder location.
  • Example:

    CucumberKW.runFeatureFolder('Include/features/New Feature Folder')