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Import RESTful requests with OpenAPI Specification 2.0 (Swagger) to Katalon Studio

This topic shows you how to import web service objects from a Swagger 2.0 file or URL, depending on the type of your Katalon Studio project. You can learn more about Swagger 2.0 from this Swagger page: Swagger 2.0.

To import a RESTful request from Swagger 2.0 to Katalon Studio, perform the following steps:

  1. Create or open an API/Web Service project.

  2. To import a RESTful request from Swagger 2.0, click on OpenAPI > Import OpenAPI 2 (Swagger).

    api or web service project type

    Alternately, you can import a RESTful request via the Tests Explorer panel. Right-click on Object Repository > Import > From OpenAPI 2 (Swagger).

  3. In the dialog that displays, browse to your Swagger local file or enter an OpenAPI 2 (Swagger) URL and click OK.

    browse to local file

    Katalon Studio loads the file and generates RESTful test requests accordingly.

  • No Raw text content in HTTP Body parsed from Swagger.
  • No Authorization parsed from Swagger.
  • Variables and Parameters must be adjusted manually.

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