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Unable to open projects in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition

You encounter this message in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition: "No projects with Git integration found. Go to TestOps to link Git repositories and try again."

  • When opening a project:

  • During the application onboarding:

To open a project in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition, you need to create a project on Katalon TestOps and enable Git integration on that project. In Katalon Studio - Platform Edition, only projects with Git integration are visible in the Open Project dialog.

  1. Go to Katalon TestOps.
  2. Open or create a new project on Katalon TestOps. See Create an organization and project.
  3. Link a Git repository URL to your project. See Configure a Git repository in TestOps.
  4. Go back to Katalon Studio - Platform Edition. On the Open Project dialog, and click on Fetch Project and continue opening your project.