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Customer support FAQs

How long does it take for Customer Support to respond?

We make commercially reasonable efforts to comply with the response time below:

Severity levelMonthly SubscribersAnnual Subscribers
Critical 16 business hours16 business hours
High36 business hours24 business hours
Medium60 business hours48 business hours
  • "Critical" level refers to issues where major functions and features of Katalon platform are inoperable and there is no effective workaround.
  • "High" level refers to issues where major functions and features of Katalon platform have effective workarounds despite the error.
  • "Medium" level refers to issues relating to minor functions and features of Katalon platform, for example reduced performance of operation time, style, user interfaces.

Our support team will review and investigate the reported issue and resolve them promptly. To help our team troubleshoot and assist with any issues, you should provide as much detailed information as possible, including execution logs, error logs, test artifacts, documentation. We will use that information to reproduce your issue and find a solution.

What type of request I can submit?

Katalon Platform subscribers will be provided with helpdesk accounts for product support. The number of helpdesk accounts equals the number of your active valid licenses. There is no limit on the number of support requests you can submit to our Support Portal, but the ticket will be processed on a one by one basis.

Below are the two types of requests that may be submitted:

  • Error Reporting: For requests related to errors. An error refers to a material failure of a KSE version, KRE or Katalon Platform to perform substantially in accordance with functional specifications published in its documentation. Submitted errors will be verified by our development team. We will estimate a resolution timeline and regularly update you.
  • Feature Suggestion: Users may submit suggestions to add features to Katalon Platform. Katalon will consider feature suggestions and assess them based on an evaluation by the product development team. Katalon will inform the submitter of the status of the suggestion.

You might also refer to Customer Support Policy.

What service I can get from Customer Support?

The support service policies below are different from Katalon professional services and Katalon training services:

  • Number of tickets: Unlimited (one by one basis).
  • Helpdesk support: Yes
  • Live chat: No
  • Telephone support: No
  • Response time: See Response Time.

What Katalon is not responsible for?

  • Issues not relating to Katalon Platform usage and inconsistent with the documentation or your license agreement for Katalon Platform;
  • Requests to create test scripts or custom keywords;
  • Issues relating changes from third-party services and products;
  • Your failure to fulfill any of the following: (a) give Katalon reasonable access and usage of the Katalon Platform and your environment to diagnose and fix errors; (b) permit Katalon to use and access the log files generated by Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) or Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE); (c) make reasonable efforts to resolve issues using available documentations before contacting Katalon; (d) assure proper hardware configuration and installation for KSE or KRE and maintain the hardware, software, and systems on which KSE or LRE is installed; and (e) adequately back up data and systems related to KSE and KRE;
  • Issues in KSE and KRE versions that are up-to-date;
  • Errors or defects that are not reproducible by Katalon or that do not materially affect the operation of the KSE or KRE.

How to reply to a Support Case?

  • After submitting a Support Case successfully, you can click on the Case Number to navigate to your portal - case number
  • You can also click on My Cases to view all cases. Support portal - My Cases
  • Once going to your case, click on the Comment field to type in the message in the rich text editor.Support portal - comment section
  • Attach a file if required by clicking on the Attach file and then click on the Comment button to submit your reply.Support portal - attach files

How to login to Katalon Support Portal as an Enterprise user?

  • Access the Katalon Support Portal and click the Log in button on the right-hand side.Katalon Support Portal - support
  • If you are an On-Cloud Account, select On-Cloud Account, then click the Katalon Account button. Katalon Support Portal - Katalon Account button

How to login Katalon Support portal as an On-Premises user?

If you are a Katalon Platform On-Premise user, you will receive an email along with a link to login to Katalon Support portal. When you click the link, you will be navigated to set up login credentials on Katalon Support portal.

What are some resources to learn about Katalon Platform ?

There are many resources to learn how to use Katalon Platform:

What are KSE and KRE products?

  • Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) is an all-in-one test automation solution for Web, API, mobile, and Windows desktop application for both beginners and expert testers. KSE revolutionizes the use of open-source test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium by eliminating their technical complexities. This revolution allows developers and QAs to set up, create, run, report, and manage their automated tests efficiently. KSE is the paid license for teams and professionals to implement on scalable projects.

  • Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) is a test execution add-on of Katalon Studio that is used for executing tests via the console mode and/or command line interface (CLI). You can use the Runtime Engine in scenarios such as scheduling tests, integrating tests with CI/CD systems, or bundling tests with virtual containers.

How can I submit issues?

You can track your submitted Github issues in We usually update release notes and all other versions on our official Github.

How to submit a support case?

There are three ways to reach out to our Customer Support team and submit a support case.
  1. In Katalon Studio, click the Question Mark icon and choose Support portal and Sign portal in KS

  2. Login on Katalon Software Quality Management Platform. Select Support.
  3. Navigate to and login Katalon Support Portal.

How to add attachments in the support tickets?

There are two ways you can add files or videos as attachments to a support ticket.
  1. Using the Attachment button.

    Support portal - attach file

  2. Using the Files field.

    Support portal - Upload files

How to mark a case as solved or create a follow-up case?

  1. Mark as Solved

    Click on the support case. On your left-hand side you will see the green button Mark Case as Solved. support portal - mark case as solved

  2. Create the follow-up case

    Click on the case that had been closed already. On your left-hand side, you will see the green button Create the follow-up Case.

ideaExchange Status Definition

When you view an Idea in

ideaExchange, the grey box underneath the Idea title will let you know where an Idea stands in the development cycle, and when you can expect an update. Below are the definition for each status:
  • Submitted: the Idea has been submitted and is available for voting by the community. The Katalon team may provide comments on trending open Ideas to gain more information from the community and/or to indicate whether the Idea might be considered for a release.
  • Received: the Idea has been received and in-review by the Katalon Support Agent.
  • Up for Consideration: The Idea is being considered for a future release and Product Managers need the community's vote in the IdeaExchange Prioritization process. Examples of Ideas that have gone through this process can be found at All Ideas.
  • More information Required: The Katalon team needs further information from the submitter regarding their scenario, example, etc.
  • Not Planned: The Idea is considered for our short or long term road map. No further updates will be made to the Idea unless our future road map changes.
  • On Roadmap: The Idea is confirmed in the roadmap already.
  • Merged: The Idea will be merged to a similar idea submitted previously.
  • Building: The Idea is being built and will be delivered in future releases.
  • Testing: The Idea is in testing process.
  • Partially Delivered: Only parts of the Idea are delivered and are available in the release. The Idea will be updated if the undelivered parts are in the road map.
  • Completed Delivered: The Idea is delivered and available. No further updates will be made to the Idea and voting will be disabled.
An Idea will have one of the following statuses when a solution exists, or if it is NOT considered for our current or future road map.
  • Existing feature: The Idea is an available feature within Katalon Platform. No further updates will be made to the Idea.
  • Solutions Available: The Idea is not on our roadmap, but a solution or workaround is currently available. No further updates will be made to the Idea unless future roadmap plans change.
  • Closed - Never: The Idea will not be considered or delivered. This may be because it does not strategically align to the product or could lead to a compromise in Katalon's Value of Trust.

Rule of engagement in ideaExchange board

We love the energy and collaboration that is happening in all areas of Katalon Community. To ensure we keep the environment welcoming and collaborative, we have established a few rules of engagement as follows:

  • No obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing or profane material.

  • No spam, advertisements or otherwise inappropriate comments or posts.

  • No personal attacks. Comments can be engaging but courteous and respectful.

  • Only one idea is on the topic. If you have additional ones, please post a new idea.

Frequently Asked Questions for ideaExchange board

  • How can I engage with ideaExchange? Anyone can view ideas without logging in the Katalon Support portal. However, if you want to post, vote for, or prioritize ideas, you must be logged in.

  • What can I do if I need help? Go through our documentation. Submitting a case should be your first stop for any troubleshooting or inquiries.

  • What makes a good ideaExchange member? We love your enthusiasm about our products and want to infuse that energy into the IdeaExchange. To ensure the environment is welcoming and collaborative, we've established some rules of engagement:
    • Be Respectful. Do not make any personal attacks on the IdeaExchange. Always be courteous to other members and the Katalon administration teams. Avoid obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing, or profane language and materials.

    • Don't share confidential information. The IdeaExchange is not an appropriate forum for sharing your company's confidential information. This includes screenshots.

    • No Spamming. Do not post advertisements or promotions of products or services.

    We reserve the right to remove your comment, idea, or profile if you fail to comply to our standards.
  • How does voting work? You can vote on Ideas using the "thumbs up" button. Your upvote will be counted as 1 to an Idea's total vote. The points from your votes help us keep track of the most popular Ideas. You may vote for as many ideas as you want, but you can only cast one vote per Idea. If you change your mind, you can double-click "thumbs up" buttons to change or remove your vote.

  • How do I post an Idea? Before you post an Idea, always search to see if your Idea already existed using search. If it does, upvote the idea to show your support. If it doesn't, click "Post Ideas" located in the sub navigation. Include a clear and descriptive title, select a category, fill in the description, and click "Post Idea" to publish it to the IdeaExchange. Please make sure to submit your Idea successfully before leaving the page. Similar Ideas will appear as you fill out your idea. Please note that you can not edit your Idea after publishing.

  • How can I increase the votes for my ideas? If there is an Idea that you think other community members would benefit from, promote it! Share the Idea through social channels, tell your friends, followers, and coworkers know about the Ideas you care about and generate votes!

What is the Support slot quota and how do we count it?

Support slot is for users to submit cases to the Katalon Support Team. This option is only available to paid users who purchase Katalon licenses. Each user will be assigned 01 support slot on Katalon TestOps. Refer to

Grant permission to access Support Portal.
The support slots will be counted according to your subscriptions. In detail:
  • 1 KSE per-User = 1 slot

  • 1 KRE Floating = 3 slots

  • TestOps Premier package = 1 slot

  • TestOps Ultimate package = 3 slots

  • Visual Testing package = 1 slot