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CI/CD Integration Overview

Katalon Runtime Engine supports running your tests in several CI environments. Test execution in CI/CD pipeline provides the following advantages:
  • Being quick and easy: you don't have to install Katalon Studio manually.

  • Being able to work even on machines without displays.

  • Allocating an isolated virtual display (e.g., Xvbf for Jenkins) that increases the stability of execution.

Below are the supported CI environments and their sample configurations.

Supported CIExample configuration
CLI environments run_chrome.bat,
Azure DevOps Integrationazure-pipelines.yml
AWS CodeBuild Integrationbuildspec.yml
Bamboo Add-onKatalon Studio for Bamboo
CircleCI - Katalon Orbcircleci.yml
CodeShipcodeship-services.yml, codeship-steps.yml
Katalon Docker Imagedocker-compose.yml
Katalon Studio GitHub ActionKatalon Studio GitHub Action
Google Cloud Buildcloudbuild.yml
Jenkins Integration OverviewJenkinsfile
TeamCity PluginTeamCity Plugin
  • With Katalon TestOps, you can execute Katalon Studio tests remotely or schedule test execution. Learn more.