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Integrate TestCloud with TestOps

Katalon TestCloud is available for seamless integration with Katalon TestOps.

Current test environments require time and effort to set up and maintain while providing limited browser/operating system (OS) options. By contrast, with a few clicks, you can set up a TestCloud Test Environment in TestOps for your test execution across browsers and OS.

The TestCloud Test Environment also allows you to:

  • Execute tests on a public domain.
  • Execute tests on a private domain via a TestCloud tunnel.
  • Track your TestCloud testing quota.

TestCloud stabilizes the test results when you execute a massive number of parallel tests.


  • An active Katalon TestCloud subscription or trial. See TestCloud Trial.

  • Kobiton integration must be disabled. You can toggle Kobiton off in advanced settings. See: Advanced settings.

Schedule test runs on TestOps with TestCloud environment

To schedule a test execution with the TestCloud environment, do as follows:
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your Project.
  2. Go to Test Execution and click Schedule Test Run.
  3. Give your test run a name, then select the Git repository that stores your project.
  4. Choose a test suite or test suite collection to execute.
  5. In the Where to run section, select TestCloud Test Environment.
  6. Choose a Katalon Runtime Engine version to run your test.
  7. Optional: You can select to use TestCloud tunnel. This option requires tunnel setup. For detailed, see Configure TestCloud Tunnel.
  8. In TestCloud section, select the OS, browser type, and browser version to run your test.
  9. Click Schedule.
A new test run with the TestCloud environment is added to the Test Run List.

test run list