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Set up Docker Test Environments for TestOps

Similar to Create a Local Test Environment with an Agent, you can create a Docker Test Environment with a compatible Agent in Katalon TestOps.

Set up an Agent

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your Project.
  2. Go to Configurations > Agent Setup.
  3. Select the Docker Environment tab.

    The page appears as below.

    create docker environment page

  4. Fill in the required information for the Configure an agent and Select method sections.


    • You then use the commands in the Generate configuration and Start an agent sections to run the Agent in your computer.

  5. Leave the TestOps page open while following the instructions to start an Agent in your local machine.

Start an Agent

  1. Create a folder (e.g, Docker folder) in your computer.

  2. Open a new Notepad file in your computer, then copy and paste the command in the Generate configuration section into the new file.

    docker compose yml command

  3. Save the file as .yml file in the folder you have created (as shown in the pictures below).

    docker compose yml command

  4. Search "cmd" in the Windows explorer search bar, then press Enter.

  5. Copy and paste the command in the Start an agent section into your cmd to start an Agent.

    run agent for docker

You have started your Docker with an Agent. You can open your Docker to see the Agent running.

open docker

View an Agent's status

In Katalon TestOps, go to the Test Environments page to see the Docker Test Environment you have created and its status.

open docker

Next steps:

  1. Upload Test Scripts from a Git Repository.
  2. Schedule Test Runs.