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Execute a test case in Katalon Studio

You can run a single test case or a test suite in Katalon Studio.

Execute a test case or a test suite

To run test:

  1. In Tests Explorer, open a test case or test suite.
  2. In Katalon Toolbar, in the drop-down list of button Run, select an environment to run the test case. If you click on the Run button, the test case is executed using the default browser defined in Execution Settings.

Test Environments

In the drop-down list of button Run, select one of the following supported environments to run your test case or test suite:

  • Browsers: Select one of the supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge Chromium.
  • Headless browsers: Chrome (headless), Firefox (headless). See Headless Browsers Execution.
  • TestCloud: Cloud-based execution in Katalon Platform. See Katalon TestCloud overview.

  • Mobile: Select either Android or iOS to launch the connected devices. Then select a device among those listed ones.

    Before executing your mobile test, you're required to set up the environment for mobile testing on Windows or macOS machine.

    Troubleshooting: If your device is not found, make sure the device's Developer Mode is turned on, try to unplug, and reconnect several times until you are prompted to accept/trust this device.

  • Remote: Select a remote environment to run tests.

    You need to set up a default configuration for the remote environment in Project Settings. Refer to Introduction to Desired Capabilities for more details.

  • Custom: Select it from the drop-down list when you have already set up a custom environment.

    Refer to Custom Execution for preparing a remote environment in Project Settings.

Job Progress

The Job Progress is triggered automatically to show the progress while your test case or test suite is being executed.

Job progress bar


Some factors can affect your execution:

You can also refer to this document for troubleshooting issues relating to web test execution.