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How to free up more available RAM for Katalon Studio

These are useful approaches to free up more available RAM for Katalon Studio on your machine.

Always update Katalon Studio to the latest version.
Edit the katalon.ini file to reduce JVM heap size.
  1. Open the katalon.ini file in a text editor. You can find your katalon.ini file at:
    • On macOS: Right-click on the Katalon Studio application and choose Show Package Contents. Then, go to Contents > Eclipse > katalonc.ini. For example: /Applications/Katalon Studio

    • On Windows: Open the folder that contains Katalon Studio application. For example: C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-8.5.2\katalon.ini

  2. Add these JVM options to your katalon.ini file:
  3. Save the file.

These options help Java Garbage Collector better manage unused objects and reduce JVM heap size.

Clear the terminated executions frequently.
Suppose you have a long working day with Katalon Studio. In that case, the Job Progress may be filled up with many execution histories, which can take up more memory. Click the recycle bin button to clear all terminated execution history.Katalon Studio clear execution history
Disable Log executed test steps in Project Settings > Execution.
disable Log executed test steps
To understand more about this Log executed test steps setting, see View and customize execution log in Katalon Studio.
Avoid using Katalon Studio for long execution.
Katalon Studio is most suitable for test authoringcreation. For test execution, we advise using Katalon Runtime Engine.