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Katalon TestOps Release Notes 2021

December 13th, 2021

New features


  • [UI] Updated the navigation bar.

  • [UI] Added breadcrumbs of Test Case paths in the Test Case's detailed page.


  • [Bug] Cannot schedule test runs from Katalon Studio when moving refreshed Test Suite Collection to the queue.

November 2nd

New features

  • Introduced further capabilities to current Mark as Passed/Failed feature. Read more: Override Test Results status

  • Improved Test Run report with new stacked bar chart

  • Introduced TestCloud as a test environment to schedule a Test Run (for beta users only). Read more: Integrate TestCloud with TestOps


  • [UI] Updated Organization and Project navigation menu

  • [UI] Updated Settings menu

  • [UI] Automatically remove machine ID when user is removed - Activate License validation

  • [UI] View original & latest status in test result

  • [Reports] Added confirmation dialog before sharing reports via email


  • [Jira Integration] Can not refresh Jira status if user has deleted Jira release

  • [Access Log] Access Log records do not have IP Address values

September 29th

New Features


  • [Subscription] Enabled subscribing to TestOps Business via a "Get Quote" email.

  • [License Management] Added max session timeout in Idle TimeOut.

  • [UI] Updated invitation UI in User Management.

  • [UI] Allowed to select Test Environment in Schedule Test Run dialog.

  • [UI] Allowed to create Test Run Type without running or scheduling.

  • [UI] Updated information in Script Repositories view (Create & Edit).

  • [UI] Consolidated Schedule Test Run button colors.

  • [Access log] Added email address to access log files.

  • [Test Run Type] Added sorting value by time.

  • [Test Run Type] Removed data in Last Run column.

  • [Reports] New confirmation dialog when exporting test run reports.

  • [Reports] Allowed viewing re-run test results via email.

  • [Jira integration] Synced Release status from Jira.

  • [Jira integration] Enabled refreshing Jira release status in TestOps.


  • [Agent] Local Agent status (online/offline) failed to show up when scheduling test runs.

  • [Jira integration] Katalon Studio and TestOps integration (com.katalon.katalon-jira-plugin) failed HSTS Validation from Connect Security Requirements Tester.

  • [Maintenance mode] Chart did not display and show error message after navigating to the Summary by Test Result page.

July 26th

New Features

  • Introduced Auto-distributed execution. Users can automatically distribute tasks to active and available Agents. Learn more: Auto-Distributed Execution

  • Introduced Test Usage Validation. Users can view how many test runs remain until their subscription quota is capped.

  • Introduced Similar Error Suggestion. Users can view all common errors of their failed test results in the centralized view.


  • Enhanced filters for Reports & Analytics
  • Enhanced component release summary
  • Enabled component to show test percentage in release readiness
  • Enhanced wizard for framework integration
  • Build visible under Configuration section for each Test Run


  • Could not filter API log by timestamp.
  • testRuns (Number of test runs) field could be manipulated into invalid values.
  • Long pending messages in Retry function.
  • Path Injection, Zip Slip vulnerabilities.
  • Occurences where the app would break because of a missing LD config file.
  • Uncommon error when creating thumbnail.
  • User could fetch other organization's invoices from Payment Success screen.
  • Week/day view of calendar would show wrong test runs when updating time zone.
  • Manually uploading Katalon Reports in TestOps sometimes failed.
  • Agent could not override Execution Mode of Test Suite Collection when executing with KRE 8.0 \ 8.0.5 versions.

  • Removed: polling message prompts for certain errors.

June 22nd

New features


  • Updated maintainer column in Flaky Test list.

  • Updated UI for Integration function.

  • Enhanced security when updating Git test projects.


  • Fixed a bug where users could not:

    • migrate subscriptions.
    • send an invitation email.
    • calculate statistics for empty Test Runs.
    • download a large Test Run as .xsls file.
    • delete the execution.
  • Fixed the missing profile name on the execution page.

  • Fixed search field for execution that doesn't re-run.
  • Clarified the message for adding Users to Teams successfully.

May 26th


April 26th

New features


  • New release of Katalon agent version 1.7.

  • Improve performance for Test Planning calendar view.

March 8th

New features

  • Introduce a new term — Build — that is used in Katalon TestOps. Learn more about the definition of Build here.

  • Create and manage Builds in Test Planning. Learn more.

  • The "Task" feature has been removed.


  • Introduce a new and improved Katalon TestOps User Interface.

January 19th

New features

  • Monitor Test Runs in a calendar view. Learn more

  • Manage Test Runs with similar configurations with Test Run Types. Learn more

  • View Release Readiness by Test Case status & Test Run history. Learn more

  • Manage Katalon Studio Test Results (BDD and non-BDD). Learn more

  • Automatically detect assertions in each Test Case for better quality evaluation & failure investigation.

  • Balance loads between multiple Test Environments. Learn more

  • Support reports for Visual Testing. Learn more

  • Create an Agent for Docker Environment. Learn more

  • Create a Kubernetes Environment. Learn more

  • View reports of Web Services & Test Objects.

  • View abnormal Web Services for faster failure detection. Learn more

  • View Requirement coverage heat map. Learn more

  • Detect the flakiness of Test Cases. Learn more


  • Simplify the Local Test Environment setup process.

  • Enhance CI integrations.

  • Enhance UI/UX

  • Simplify the Local Test Environment setup process.

  • Enhance navigation to recent projects and on-going Test Runs.

  • Enhance Jira issue lists.

  • Centralize Test Run data for better collaboration.

  • [Visual Testing] Incorporate reports into Test Run results.

  • [Visual Testing] Provide execution comparisons with visualization.

  • View Test Sessions with logs submitted from Test Environments.

  • Support sharing Test Run report via email.

  • Provide shortcuts to access reports.