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Jira integration in Katalon Platform overview

Katalon Studio can integrate with Jira Cloud, and Jira Data Center (Jira Server). To enable Jira Integration in Katalon Studio, follow this guide: Enable Jira integration in Katalon Studio.

Jira Software is a project management tool that helps you plan, assign, track, manage, and report on your work. Jira Software can be customized to fit in with any type of project, and for many different use cases. To learn more about Jira use cases, refer to this Jira document: What is Jira used for?

With Jira - Katalon Platform integration, you can manage test cases with linked Jira tickets, and create Behavior-driven development (BDD) test scenarios alongside related requirements and stories.

Integrating Jira with Katalon Studio helps you:

This document gives information about the Jira - Katalon Platform integration workflow.

Configure Jira integration

Katalon Platform uses 2 plugins and 1 optional extension to integrate with Jira:

  1. You need a plugin on Jira side for both Katalon TestOps and Katalon Studio integration. In Jira, install this plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace website: Katalon Studio and TestOps integration.
  2. If you use Katalon Studio as your test authoring tool, you need to install this plugin from the Katalon Store to enable Jira integration in Katalon Studio: Jira Integration.
  3. Optional: This Chrome extension allows you to submit test run defects from TestOps to Jira: Katalon Integration.
To complete the integration setup, follow these guides:

Plan your tests

Jira - Katalon Platform integration allows you to plan and manage your test in Katalon Platform. You can:

After creating a release, you can link test runs to a release. See Link test runs to a release.

Organize your tests

With Jira - Katalon Studio integration, you can import BDD fields and test cases from Jira to Katalon Studio. You can also continue scripting your BDD test scenarios. See Import BDD fields and test cases from Jira to Katalon Studio.

View and analyze test results

After you execute your tests, you can automatically sync your test results to Jira for your team to view:

For detailed instructions, refer to: Manage BDD test cases with Jira integration.

You can also view BDD test results in Katalon TestOps. See View BDD Test Results in TestOps.

With these test results, you can easily submit bugs to your Jira project:

Analyze reports: In TestOps dashboard, you can get a full picture of your test coverage with the linked requirements. This allows you to centralize all Jira and BDD requirements in one single place for reports and analytics. See Requirement coverage reports.