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Trial and Free Plans

Trial Plan

Users with a Katalon account with a verified email address are eligible for a 30 day trial of Katalon Platform, Katalon Studio Enterprise, and Katalon Runtime Engine.

  • The trial licenses for Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine are automatically generated and activated when you first create your account.

Once successfully verified and activated, these are what all new Katalon accounts will have access to:

Katalon Platform:

  • 3,500 Monthly Test Results
  • 5 Platform Users
  • 5 Active Projects

Katalon Platform Licenses for:

  • 1 Katalon Studio Enterprise
  • 1 Katalon Runtime Engine
  • 5 TestCloud sessions/parallel tests
  • Unlimited visual testing checkpoints

Each trial license can be activated on only one machine at a time.

You can start using KSE and KRE for 30 days. When your trial period expires, you need to purchase licenses to continue using KSE and KRE, or you can use the Katalon Studio free license with basic testing features.

You can extend your trial for 30 more days as long as you answer the surveys sent to you. This can happen twice, therefore allowing for a total of a 90 day trial period.

  • For Offline licenses, you cannot remove a machine ID registered for the trial licenses once it has been activated.

To purchase licenses, see Purchase Katalon License.

To activate trial licenses, see Activate Katalon License.

Free Plan

The free plan offers core features of the low-code test automation experience in Katalon Studio. You can see a breakdown of features available to free users here: Katalon Studio vs Katalon Studio Enterprise Features.

Katalon Free comes with:

  • 2,000 Test Results
  • 5 Platform Users
  • 3 Active Projects

If you've used up your test results or any of the above, you'll have to upgrade to paid options.

Currently, the free license does not include Katalon Runtime Engine and console mode features.

You can upgrade Katalon Studio to Katalon Studio Enterprise at any time without re-download.