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Integrate Jenkins with TestOps


Install the Katalon plugin on Jenkins

To run Katalon tests on Jenkins, you need to install the Katalon plugin on Jenkins. Do as follows:
  1. Sign in to Jenkins and go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins.
    The Plugin Manager page appears.
  2. Click on the Available tab and search for the Katalon plugin.
  3. Select the plugin and choose Install without restart.

Configure Test Runs in Katalon TestOps

You must schedule test runs in Katalon TestOps before assigning this schedule to Jenkins for test executions. See: Schedule Test Runs.

  • Choose the Save Configurations option in the Schedule Test Run dialog to schedule Test Runs for Jenkins.

Execute Katalon TestOps plan on Jenkins

To execute the test run scheduled from Katalon TestOps on Jenkins, do as follows:
  1. On Jenkins, create a new Freestyle project.
  2. In Build Steps, add Execute Katalon TestOps Plan.
    execute Katalon TestOps plan

    The Execute Katalon TestOps Plan is added as a build step.

    execute Katalon TestOps plan

  3. In Server URL, enter your TestOps server URL:
  4. In Credentials, add a secret text with the secret value is your Katalon API key.
    add credentials
  5. After you added your Katalon API key, select it and click on Test Connection. If you are successfully connected, you can retrieve your projects and test plan.
  6. Choose your project, then choose the test plan that you want to execute.
  7. Save your project, then click Build Now.
Your test run is executed. You can view the execution log in Console Output.

After the test is completed, you can go back to Katalon TestOps to view and analyze your report.