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Custom Fields and Tags

Custom fields & tags are great tools to create and label meta-data to your Katalon test artifacts such as test case, test run schedule, and test execution. You can create as many attributes to your test entities as you need, then categorize, organize or filter them with ease throughout the testing cycle on Katalon Platform.

Custom field is a pair of key and value meta-data that you can assign to then differentiate among your test entities, for example: testPriority: High, or, scriptLanguage: Java.

Tag is a single-word string value (not including a white-space), similar to a hashtag, that you can assign to tests entities and query with them later on.

Custom fields can only be created in Configurations section of Katalon Platform, while Tags can be created on-the-move in the test case detail, test run detail and test result detail module.

Custom fields and tags empower you throughout testing cycles on Katalon Platform:

Create Custom Fields in Configurations

  1. Login to Katalon TestOps, then navigate to Configurations > Custom Fields.
    The Custom Fields page appears.TestOps custom fields page
  2. Click the + Create new customer field button.
    The Create new custom field dialog appears. Create new custom field
  3. For Key, enter a key for your custom field, for example: priority, testing-type.
  4. For Display Name, enter a name for your key what would display on Katalon Platform interface, for example: Priority, Testing Type.
  5. For Values, enter a value for your key, for example High, Medium or Low for Priority key; API or Regression for Testing Type key. You can create multiple values for a key by selecting + Add new value.
    custom fields values
  6. Click Create.
Your custom field is created successfully.

Edit your Custom Fields

  1. To edit your custom field, select the Edit button.
    edit custom field button
    The Edit custom field dialog appears.
  2. You can edit display name and values of your custom field, but not the key. When you finish editing, select Save Changes.Edit custom field dialog
Your custom field is updated and it will reflect in any test case, test run where it is assigned.

Delete your Custom Field

  1. To delete your custom field, click the Delete button.
    delete custom fieldThe delete custom field warning dialog appears.
  2. Deleting a custom field will also remove it from any test entities such as test case, test run in your project. When you are sure, select Delete.
    delete custom field dialog
Your custom field is deleted.