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Introduction to organizing tests

Organizing your tests is a crucial part of your daily testing activities. As your project may have hundreds or thousands of tests, it is imperative that you organize them efficiently so you can find relevant tests quickly.

In Katalon Platform, you must first upload your test scripts using Git repositories to Katalon TestOps. See: Configure a Git repository in TestOps.

Alternatively, you could also manually upload a script. See: Upload a Script Repository to TestOps.

Once your test scripts are uploaded, you can organize your tests in Katalon TestOps or Katalon Studio. You can refer to the following documents to learn how to do so:

If you want to run parallel tests with multiple browsers, you can add and manage your test suites in a test suite collection. See: Manage test suite collections in Katalon Studio.

Katalon Platform also supports third-party integration for organizing tests, such as:
  • Jira integration

  • Xray integration

  • qTest integration

  • TestRail integration

  • Azure DevOps Test Plans integration

  • Rally integration

  • TestLink integration