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Upload a Script Repository to TestOps

You can upload tests from Katalon Studio directly to Katalon TestOps via a ZIP file upload. This makes it easy to leverage features like scheduling or executing test runs and viewing reports without having to configure a git repository.

You can upload a ZIP file of your test directly to TestOps by accessing Script Repositories within Settings. To learn how to do so step by step, follow these instructions:
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your project.
  2. Click on Settings > Script Repositories.
    This brings you to the Script Repositories page. The Script Repositories page in TestOps.
  3. Click on Import Script Repository.
    The Import Script Repository button in TestOps.
  4. Input the following information:
    • Name: This is where you declare what you would like to call this repository.

    • Description: This is where you can add other details about the repository.

    • Toggle Set as default repository on or off: Keeping it on will make this repository the default option that shows up whenever you schedule a test run.

      Upload your Script Repository in this page in TestOps.

  5. Click on Choose File. Select the ZIP you would like to upload.
    • The maximum file size limit is 300MB.

  6. The file you selected shows next to the Choose File button. It is named "Upload Repositories in TestOps" in the example below.
  7. Click on Import.
  8. Once the upload is done, you are automatically redirected to a page that shows the repository's details.
    The detail page for your uploaded script repository.
Edit your Script Repository
  1. If you want to change the details of your repository such as its name, description, setting as the default, or even re-upload the ZIP file itself to update it, you can do so by clicking Edit.
    The Edit button in the uploaded Script Repository page.
    Doing so brings you back to the upload page, where you can change details as needed. Once done, click Save. An updated script repository.
Delete a Script Repository
  1. From the repository's details page, click on Delete.
    The delete button in a Script Repository's details page.
  2. A dialog box pops up asking you to confirm your decision. Click Delete.
    The script repository's dialog box confirming a request for deletion.
  3. You are brought to the Script Repositories page.
    • An error will occur if you try to delete a Script Repository with an execution job still associated with tests in that repository.

    You have successfully deleted your Script Repository.
You have successfully uploaded a ZIP repository.

You can find your uploaded repository in the following places:

  • In the Tests browser alongside other repositories or storage options, where it functions just like any other test case.

  • In Settings > Script Repositories.

Next steps

Once you have set your Script Repository up, it functions just like any other test case that was configured with Git. You can: