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Autonomous test generation with Katalon TrueTest

  • This proof of concept (PoC) is for a closed beta feature.

Katalon TrueTest is an AI-augmented test automation solution that automatically discovers, models, generates, and maintains user-journey test cases. TrueTest provides a streamlined test generation process, saving time and improving testing efficiency.

What is TrueTest?

Why did we create TrueTest?

TrueTest: AI-powered Regression Testing Software

The general workflow of TrueTest is as follows: The flow of TrueTest

TrueTest requires installing the Katalon AI Agent by adding a Javascript code snippet in the head element of the AUT. After installation, Katalon AI Agent will study user interactions as they occur on your site. The agent then produces user journey maps, providing a visual representation of how users navigate and engage with your website.

From the journey data, the agent can generate test cases and store the tests in a Git-based repository. These test cases can be used for regression testing in a CI/CD pipeline to identify impacts on product functionalities.

To set up TrueTest, see: Set up Katalon AI Agent.

You can also follow our video guide: TrueTest setup guide.