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Refactor test objects in Katalon Studio

Test object refactoring is an ability to view and manage the unused test objects. For a significant and long-term project, refactoring is critical to keeping your object repository up-to-date and organized.

A test object is only counted as "used" when it's referenced by the method findTestObject("test object ID"). An unused test object is any Web, Web Service, Mobile, Windows test object that you haven't referred to in any test case, test listener, or keyword.


An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license.

To retrieve all unused test objects, go to Tools > Test Object > Show unused Test Objects.

The Unused Test Objects Report displays a list of test objects that you haven't used yet.

You can double-click to view the object's details. You can decide whether or not to remove the outdated and obsolete objects.

  • To remove all unused objects: Click Delete all. In case you want to maintain the objects for other collaborators, you can export the objects with Test Artifact Sharing.
  • To removed individual objects, locate the objects in test explorer, right-click and select Delete.

Object references

You can see where a test object has been used by viewing its references. Right-click the object and select Show References. Katalon Studio searches for that object and returns its references. Double-click highlighted reference to go to the corresponding place in that project.