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About Katalon Platform

Katalon platform provides testing solutions that can help teams of all sizes at different levels of testing maturity.

Our set of tools can help small teams start their automation journey and scale all the way up to global enterprises looking to leverage AI/ML to tune and optimize their quality process.

Katalon Studio: A free, basic tool for test case generation, with cross-platform execution.
Katalon Studio Enterprise: An advanced, robust, and scalable solution for businesses of any size.
Katalon Runtime Engine: An extension for executing and scheduling tests in CI/CD pipeline or via the command-line interface.
Katalon TestCloud: A cloud-based test execution environment equipped with the most common browsers and operating systems.
Katalon TestOps: An enterprise-ready platform for QA Orchestration, test analytics, and reporting.
Katalon Recorder: A Selenium IDE-compatible replacement on the latest Chrome and Firefox versions.
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